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Nutraceutical Merchant Account

Practices That Will Protect Your Nutraceutical Merchant Account Against Closure


Nutraceutical merchant account comprises of health and wellbeing products. It consists of supplements and vitamins to support health and wellness of the human body. The products you can sell differ between banks. So there is the need to keep up-to-date with all allowable products. This account is valuable for your business if you can maintain and keep them open.

In fact, this is a sensitive account prone to closure for a variety of minute reasons. Communication, product delivery, and lower chargebacks are important to maintain an open account. Here a few tips on how to keep your account open.

Tips on how to prevent your nutraceutical merchant account from closure

1) Inform your sales office about product sold and affiliate website

To ensure your account remains open, your sales office must know of all the products you sell. They must have a clear idea of the affiliate websites used for the sale of your products. You are the only one authorized to sell products via your merchant account. You cannot sell unapproved affiliate products via your account. So, it is necessary for affiliate markets to direct every sales/ purchase to your website. But such affiliates cannot sell unapproved products. This is important because any slight violation will lead to the closing of merchant account. Prepare an excel spreadsheet of all products and affiliate website. Thereafter, send it to your processor bank for perusal and approval.

2) Host your website on its server

To increase the chances to keep your account open, host your website on your own server. Do not host it on a shared server to avoid any sensitive situation. Shared servers are prone to sell unapproved products which portend grave danger to your business. There are chances your processing bank night conduct a quality assurance audit on your website. So, do not host your site on a server with similar or any websites into the sale of unapproved products. If this happens, your processor bank can close your nutraceutical merchant account.

3) Maintain low charge-backs

To keep your account open for business, maintain a low percentage of chargebacks. In fact, you need to maintain it as low as 1% or below 2%. If you fail to do so, your bank can close your nutraceutical merchant account. In situations of high chargebacks, your account is at risk of TMF. To maintain low chargebacks, use well-proven chargebacks deterrence tools and services.

4) Maintain low timeline of product delivery

The timeline for product delivery is important in maintaining a nutraceutical merchant account. Longer timeline for product delivery will increase the chances for high chargebacks. More so, longer product delivery timeline increases the chances for customer complaints. Customers are prone to request for refunds if products are not delivered on time. In fact, if you fail to refund, chances are customers will contact your banks for chargebacks. So, maintain a low product delivery timeline to keep your account open.

5) Deliver products as advertised

To keep your account open, it is necessary you deliver products as advertised on your website. If there are discrepancies, customers will complain and contact your bank for chargebacks. So, be honest enough in your product adverts.


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