Article provided by: Christian Debt Counselors

Debt Consolidation In Texas

It’s hard to take control of your debt when asking for help from debt consolidation service providers in Texas sometimes incur you additional expenses rather than helping you reduce your obligations.

In 2015, 40 percent of Americans were found to have been paying unnecessary credit card interest. Uninformed choices also resulted in 53 percent of consumers who didn’t spend enough time studying their credit cards before getting one. These behaviors add up to more problems of uncontrolled debt.

Here at Christian Debt Counselors, we do not make a profit from empty promises. What we have is a Debt Management Service with over 30 years of Debt Management and Financial Literacy experience who help clients make informed choices in managing their debt obligations.

The first step to controlling your burdensome debt services is to make sure you get to consolidate your debts without signing up for another loan.

Debt Consolidation Defined

What is debt consolidation? How do you make sure you avoid a trap that was presented as an easy way out to a debt-free life?

It might sound intimidating, but debt consolidation only means turning all your different debts or repayment plans into one monthly payment that is more affordable for you. Usually, debt consolidation in Texas would offer low-interest rates or reduced monthly fees that will enable you to allot money for the principle rather than paying more for fees and interest.

We make sure you get to take control of that problem by helping you end the inconvenience of collection calls, reducing or eliminating interest rates, and consolidate unsecured debt payments through the help of a non-profit service provider.  We offer two options to help you get out from debt: debt consolidation and debt settlement.

Debt consolidation will not affect your good credit score rating. If you have a bad credit score rating, a debt consolidation service will help you improve your standing as you slowly pay off your debts.

Benefits of Having a Christian Perspective in Debt Management

Here are the benefits of getting a debt consolidation in Texas from National Association of Certified Credit Counselor-certified Christian Debt Counselors:

  • Enjoy free obligation quote to help you consolidate your credit card debt, personal unsecured loans, due medical bills, collection accounts and even unpaid IRS debts. Christian Debt Counselors provide you a network of lawyers who do not charge for consultation on debt relief.

  • Monthly payment agreed upon with your creditors is paid to them on time. We work within the individual creditors’ set guidelines. Some of them might opt to eliminate or reduce your interest rate below 10 percent until you have entirely paid off the debt.

  • Trained Professional Credit Counselors will assist you in reviewing your debts and budget history and help you set up an account that matches the creditor’s guidelines.

  • Unsecured debts can be consolidated into one monthly payment that you can afford. It’s a win-win solution for you and the creditor.

To make an informed choice in choosing the right debt consolidation program in Texas, we encourage you to start reflecting on the kind of debt you have – its cost, the financial hardships you are facing, your plans in repaying your debt. Freeing yourself from debt won’t be too hard once you get the right partners to work with. Choosing someone who is not profit-driven would probably be your best choice to get back on your feet in no time.