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Credit Card Processing Services

How Credit Card Processing Services Can Promote Your Business

Although customers can pay with check and cash, most customers will rather pay with credit card. First, there is a limit to the amount of cash an individual can carry around. Apart from that, it is much more convenient to swipe the cards. So, whether you run an online store, an offline store or both, you need credit card processing services.

There are several companies that provide credit card processing services. In fact, you can easily get one. However, you don’t need just any credit card processing services, you need the ones that will attract your customers. After all, it is buyers’ market.

It is very important that your merchant account provider meets certain important requirements. These requirements will attract more customers to you.

Availability of 24/7 customer support

Online sales run 24 hours a day so there should be 24/7 customer support. It is very important. Issues can come up anytime. Imagine this scenario. A customer had exactly $102 and he made a $50 order on a Friday evening. Unfortunately, the amount was deducted twice from his account. He calls to complain and he was told that the issue will be resolved on Monday. He is left with just $2 in his account all through the weekend. If you were the customer, will you ever patronize such online store again?

You have not only lost that customer for good, you will also lose several prospective customers because he will spread the news. Unfortunately, your business pays for the deficiency of your merchant account provider. This is the reason you have to choose wisely.

Consider experience

It is better you choose a service provider that has a proven track record. So, you should find out how long your prospective service provider has been in business. New service providers will entice you with several juicy offers. Don’t be tempted. Experience matters a lot. Any credit card service provider that has been in business for several years must have been providing great services. No business can exist for years with poor services.

Ability to handle both online and offline commercial transactions

It is easier and cheaper to make use of one merchant account. However, some credit card companies can only handle online transactions. That means you will get another account for your offline transactions. Instead, it is better to select the company that can handle both online and offline transactions.

Availability of fraud protection scheme

The cases of credit card fraud or scam is on the rise and it is important that you and your customers are protected against fraud. So, there should be a scheme for fraud prevention. You don’t want to encounter frequent chargeback issues. So, you should ask about fraud protection technology if any.

Fast payment processing

It is also important to find out how long it takes for funds to clear. Different companies offer different timelines. If you are satisfied with the time line, you can go ahead and apply for a merchant account.

In conclusion, after confirming all the requirements, it is also necessary to find out all penalty fees that you should know. Service providers are usually silent about this until you violate any of the rules. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, you should ask about this.


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